GARP is known for putting out approximately 300 to 400 pages of text-based material per year, to which selected financial information is attached. Some of our clients appreciate the comfort of having a bound, hard copy of the last six months of publications, so we provide this at any time by request. We email our reports to several sub-groups of our clientele, and we post everything in real time to Bloomberg, Factset, First Call and other platforms. Additionally, we offer a podcast service, Stocks-in-Depth.

Recommendations & Reiterations

GARP Research is best known for its ability to screen through ideas and publish extensively researched basic reports on a number of companies each year, as well as to provide intensive reiteration reports at moments when institutions might opportunistically add to their positions. We are known for producing fresh, original writing describing companies and managements that expose the best and worst aspects of a potential investment.

Other Reports

Besides our voluminous basic reports, GARP also follows quarterly developments of its ideas. Each quarter, we will choose to issue updates on selected names within our coverage. If between these reporting periods something important occurs, we may issue an alert. Our aim is not to be a “news repeater” and compete with the major brokerage houses by issuing a great quantity of thin reports, so we opt to restrict communication to just what’s germane to expressing our recommendation thesis. Periodically GARP will publish its “Best Ideas” letter, which summarizes our case for owning a few ideas that we think deserve special attention, given circumstances in the market or news-flow.


GARP often travels to visit managements of companies and to attend industry-specific conferences such as medical societies and technology gatherings. We are based in Maryland, a short Amtrak ride from New York City, where we typically attend annual analyst days hosted by the companies we follow plus many that are outside of our coverage. Our greatest client concentration is in Boston and New York, but we regularly travel to the West Coast, Canada, and other regions to meet with investors. Upon occasion, we will host trips with managements of companies. We deliver bound editions to subscribers for our face-to-face meetings.